A New Era in Investing

TSA’s 3HUB: Shaping the Future of Investment Paradigms

Summary and White Paper for TSA Project 3HUB

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ANGEL HUB : An investment platform that creates new liquidity for illiquid assets through the introduction of blockchain technology. This platform can activate the secondary trading market for small investments, creating a virtuous cycle of “fair and transparent” funding that promotes new connections between startups and investors and provides new investment opportunities for small investors.

SHARED HUB Many investors who have made home trading their routine are facing social isolation and reduced quality of life.
Shared hub creates a new investment culture by providing a new investment environment (independent trading room, investment cafe, etc.) and investment education.

: A source of quality investment information through specialized magazine services to enable fair investment opportunities. This platform aims to address information imbalance, which is a factor that hinders fair investment.


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Liquidity Risk

One of the biggest issues facing entrepreneurs and investors is liquidity risk. Liquidity risk means the difficulty of converting an investment into cash without significant loss of value. Non-liquid asset that has not yet been acquired or listed can be particularly difficult to sell or find a buyer, resulting in significant losses for investors. Similarly, existing investors may be hesitant to provide additional funding to entrepreneurs who need additional investment in their business. This lack of liquidity can destabilize asset prices, especially during periods of market stress or uncertainty, further reducing investment and exacerbating liquidity problems. 

Social isolation and information imbalance

Working from home has become a routine for many full-time investors, leading to social isolation and difficulty focusing on investments. Investors also lack access to critical information, leaving them vulnerable to informed traders and missing out on investment opportunities.


Paradigm shift and competitiveness of 3HUB, which is attracting attention as an investment option

ANGEL HUB offers a stable web3 investment platform that enables investors to convert illiquid investments into cash without significant losses. By using blockchain technology, transparency and fairness in trading illiquid assets are ensured, while the activation of secondary markets allows small investors to participate in previously inaccessible investment opportunities.
Advantages of blockchain technology : Small-cap diversified investment / Low transaction cost / Access to a wide range of investors / Various investment options / Transparency and reliability

SHARED HUB provides a specialized investment environment that promotes collaboration and discussion between independent investment spaces and investors. This helps to address the environmental and social isolation problems caused by telecommuting, and improve the quality of life for investors. Additionally, by offering a shared workspace or investment club, investors can leverage each other’s insights and expertise to make better investment decisions

TREND HUB provides investors with access to quality investment information, reducing information asymmetry that can lead to missed investment opportunities. By providing professional magazine services, investors can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and opportunities in the investment market, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

Therefore, 3HUB provides a unique web3 investment platform that addresses the problems of liquidity risk, social isolation, and information imbalance. By offering a more equitable investment environment, 3HUB becomes a competitive investment option that benefits entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Furthermore, TSA 3HUB’s competitiveness in entering the same market is that it lowers barriers to market entry by offering an alternative to new investments that induce mutual synergy rather than competition with the private investment market.

GPA | Global PluriAngels

The largest DAO angel investment collective in the world

Be part of the 1% that can change the world

GPA launches a new asset market transformation at the center of the world through TSA’s Angel Hub.

Have you ever felt like the world of investment is limited to only the wealthiest and most powerful individuals?
what if I told you that there’s a way for everyone to participate regardless of their background or economic ability?

GPA provides new liquidity through AngelHub and activates secondary trading in new asset markets. 
We believe that by addressing risks to numerous assets, including non-current assets through angel hubs and supplying liquidity, the investment market dominated by the few richest capitalists could be transformed into the power of small investors.


WEB3 Investment Platform

AngelHub provides small investors access to investment opportunities previously only available to large investors by allowing anyone to invest in a small portion of large assets. This is an alternative that promotes a broader and more stable investment market by addressing the fairness of the investment market and the illiquidity of the existing market.

GPA launches a new asset market transformation at the center of the world through TSA’s Angel Hub.

New Secondary Market

We build a user-friendly investment platform that complies with regulatory requirements to provide new liquidity to illiquid assets in the private investment market, increasing circulation of funds and stimulating more investment.

Our platform offers new solutions to traditional investment markets with the following benefits:

1. Low Transaction Costs: Blockchain technology significantly reduces transaction costs compared to traditional investment platforms.

2. Accessibility for a Wide Range of Investors: The platform provides investment opportunities through NFTs, granting greater access to a broader range of investors, including those who previously lacked access to existing investment opportunities.

3. More Investment Options: The platform leverages the flexibility of NFTs to provide a broader range of investment options than traditional investment platforms.

4. Reliability and Trust: Using blockchain technology, the platform provides investors with improved reliability and trust as all transactions are recorded in a transparent and verifiable ledger.

NFT Fragment Investment

AngelHub introduced the concept of NFT fragmentation, creating joint ownership of investment contracts in a new and authentic way.

AngelHub is establishing a new investment market by creating, sharing, trading, selling, and collecting NFTs.

This allows investment contracts in traditional financial markets to be split into more NFTs at a lower price through blockchain technology. As a result, anyone can own a variety of investment certificates with limited funds and at a much more reasonable price range.

Furthermore, it breaks down barriers to investment through blockchain and enables quick fundraising through connections with investors around the world.

In addition, blockchain technology enables us to break down investment barriers and swiftly raise funds through global connections with investors. This allows us to expand the investment market to a wide range of business items, including real estate, art, startups and small businesses, and intellectual property rights.

Technical Architecture

 Campaign creation and faNFT Implementation

Develop unique tokens representing partial ownership of non-liquid asset.
* All types of campaigns except illegal and socially controversial campaigns can be registered.

 Non-liquid Asset

All non-liquid assets requiring liquidity

❸ Secondary Market Trading

Provide liquidity through the activation of secondary market trading via faNFTs

 Advantages of using Angel Hub

– Enables Small Investments
– Portfolio Diversification
– Risk Reduction

The Technical Architecture content for TSA’s Angel Hub is provided as a summary for informational purposes only, due to the need to protect ideas and information security. Detailed information will be provided after the completion of development.


Education and environment creation to spread the right investment culture

A professional investment space and proper investment education are essential for success. 

TSA operates a specialized trading room for professional investors and conducts training to promote a proper investment culture.
We share information with numerous investors and focus on investment in an optimized space.

Shared Hub ( Trading room )

TSA’s Trading Room will be a specialized community space for full-time investors.

Coworking helps avoid the social isolation that full-time investors may experience.
It also removes distractions from your home office so you can focus on your investments.
Coworking isn’t just about providing a physical place, it’s about building a community.

TSA Shared Hub – Academy

An unprepared investment is nothing but speculation.

Professional education for professional investors
Towards the top 1% of investment! Step by step from the basics to the core of the stock

TSA Shared Hub – Office Type

Membership-based investment space for professional investors who want an independent investment office

TSA Shared Hub – Café type

Open investment space for investors who want a comfortable and free atmosphere


Investment Trend Research Institute for quick investment information

When it comes to investing, information is the most important factor in making investment decisions.
In an ever-changing market For the continued growth and successful investment of investors Finding new investment trends is a must, not an option.

Trend Hub’s investment trend research center provides quality investment information through its magazine service, contributing to the formation and spread of the investor community, and maximizing profitability and growth through mutual synergy between Angel Hub and Shared Hub.

In addition, we support the growth of the project by supporting the marketing of the project launched through the Angel Hub.
Another task of TrentHub is the research and development of TSA’s future services.


Creating your ideas into reality

For successful investment, you must constantly read trends and find investment ideas.
We have launched crypto magazines and stock magazines through Trend Hub’s investment trend research institute, and are preparing a premium trend magazine.
Like this, we generate tons of ideas to read trends.
This is just the beginning and TrendHub will launch a P2E game exclusively for token holders to share profits with investors.

Crypto Magazine
Crypto Magazine

The latest news on blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Stock Magazine
Stock Magazine

The latest news on the comprehensive economy


Please look forward to it. Trend Hub’s upcoming project

Premium Trend Magazine (Membership – Paid)
Launchpad P2E Game / Treasure hunt
ANGEL HUB NFT Marketplace 

TSA Tokenomics Growing with Investors

For the sustainability of the project, we maximize the sustainability of the ANGEL HUB project by generating stable profits through TRAND HUB and SHRAD HUB.

The TSA Foundation also shares its profits with investors.
Example: Direct profit sharing through token holder-only P2E games (Treasure hunt), etc.

TSA’s success is investors’ success.


This section provides an overview of the project’s tokenomics, detailing the benefits of token allocation, liquidity pools, and staking. Our robust and well-engineered tokenomics model aims to provide long-term value to investors and participants alike by creating a sustainable and thriving ecosystem.


By introducing a stakable liquidity portion, investors can experience increased participation and a competitive environment. This encourages long-term project value and sustainability, resulting in the following effects

Enhanced token value stability: Token lockup through staking contributes to investor’s token value stabilization
Revenue generation for investors: Investors can receive various benefits such as APY as rewards for their investments through staking
All Token transactions are subject to 3% tax. It is continuously used for events and marketing for the development of TSA.

TSA’s TREND/SHARED/ANGEL HUB offline service makes project more powerful.
Unlike general cryptocurrency projects, we lowered the risk of investing in cryptocurrency by lowering the project’s dependence on the cryptocurrency market based on offline -based revenue.
All revenue from TREND/SHARED/ANGEL HUB will be consolidated and redistributed to the TSA Foundation.


TSA does not offer discounted token sales.

We do not offer discounted token sales in the process of preparing for listing. This is because low-priced tokens issued through pre-sales can become a factor in price dumping upon listing. We do not want speculation aimed at simple capital gains. However, true investors in the TSA project will be rewarded accordingly.

※ NFTs are issued in two forms, and their benefits and designs change depending on the issuance time.



1. Investor NFT ( Megatron )
Funding NFTs are issued to individual investors within the range of 10% (1,000,000,000 TSAG) of the total token supply, providing an opportunity to participate in the TSA project as angel partners. Funding NFTs can be exchanged for tokens at the request of the purchaser, and the exchanged tokens are transferred from the funding NFT to TSAG liquidity. As a result, the amount of tokens allocated to the funding NFT decreases, and the value of the funding NFT increases.

2. Staking NFT
Staking NFTs are issued for only 10% (1,000,000,000 TSAG) of the total token supply, providing investors with the opportunity to lock their tokens for a certain period and enjoy additional benefits.

■ Example: Current benefits and privileges of the issued Investor NFT(Megatron)

Basic benefits
1. Confirmed APY payment (APY rate is separately indicated on the issued NFT) / (A total of 5 payments for 5 years from the date of issuance)
2. Interest is sent to your wallet on January 5 every year
3. NFT trading available in the secondary market
4. Contract terminated at any time (coin conversion possible) * Upon request for coin payment, the corresponding NFT will be incinerated

1. 10% dividend of TSA profits (dividend is paid according to Megatron investment ratio) / Dividend continues during the holding period
2. When issuing TSA shares, Megatron is valued on a market price basis disclosed through an IPO, and NFTs are incinerated after the transition.

Team & Organization

The TSA team consists of exceptional professionals from various fields, bringing together diverse backgrounds and outstanding skills and experience to provide top-level services to our clients

Core Team 

Originally from South Korea, Minhoe’s wide range of capabilities and experiences serve as valuable assets to the team. He has been active in professional investing and investment advisory for over 15 years and possesses extensive knowledge of blockchain technology. Minhoe was a former member of the TENSET core team and is currently active in the CleanCarbon core team. He has gained significant global project experience through promoting and supporting numerous projects. His expertise extends to graphic design, having worked with renowned groups such as Samsung and LG, and he is also recognized as an IT specialist. Minhoe successfully launched a cryptocurrency online magazine, further proving his expertise in the field. He leads the team with creativity, innovation, and original thinking at its core.

Han Yeongyu is an expert in AI and computer vision, as well as a knowledgeable professional in blockchain technology. He is a results-driven specialist who thrives in challenging and growth-oriented environments. He holds a master’s degree in Technology Management and an MBA from the State University of New York, and has accumulated extensive experience through numerous AI and blockchain projects. Recently, he has also been pursuing a doctorate in medicine, adding yet another dimension to his diverse skill set. Han Yeongyu has earned various certifications from different fields, including Sparta Coding Club, Aiffel AI, Lion NFT, and Wemade Blockchain Academy, to name a few. He has also won the first prize at the 3D Printing AI Learning Data Hackathon and contributed to various projects such as SI-Analytics, Lip Reading App, NFT App Project, and Spark-based Metal 3D Printing Quality Prediction. With his diligence and dedication, Han Yeongyu plays a key role in the team’s development as CTO

Hailing from Japan, Daniel Nakashima is a Web 3.0 project marketing expert with rich experience working on various projects backed by major VCs like Animoca Brands, Yuga Labs, and Tenset. Co-founder of the marketing agency BackdoorJP, specializing in marketing for Japan and Asia, Daniel excels in regional marketing. He is also an active ambassador and administrator for ongoing projects like CleanCarbon, Altavagroup, and Yu-Gi-Yn.

Yuli Chang from Taiwan has nearly a decade of experience in project management and process improvement. She has worked in Taiwan, Europe, and mainland China, specializing in media relations and crisis public relations. Her keen attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills ensure the smooth, efficient, and effective operation of the team. She brings a wealth of experience to the team through building brand awareness and collaborations across meta-brands and international brands.


Kiyo San is the administrator of Japan’s largest cryptocurrency community, KudasaiJP, and an active ambassador and administrator for ongoing projects like Altava and StarkDefi. Kiyo San is a web developer with extensive experience as a former employee of a Japanese corporation.

Joy is an experienced professional with a strong background in sales and marketing, negotiation, customer service, business development, forecasting, human resource management, digital marketing, financial management, and education. A firm believer in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Joy began her involvement in the crypto industry in Russia in 2019 and founded CryptoJoy in the Philippines in 2021. Joy’s work experience dates back to 2008 in sales-related roles, addressing customer inquiries and promoting company promotional packages while disseminating information to the public. Additionally, Joy has established a partnership with Coinstore in Singapore.

The TSA team believes that their experience in the Asian market can benefit customers not only in Asia but also in other regions like Europe. The Asian working context is characterized by its speed, competitiveness, and innovative nature, which the team believes can lead to success in any market. Team members come from various regions in Asia, including South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and mainland China, and are able to infuse the team with effective capabilities based on their diverse backgrounds and expertise. They possess the ability and experience to assist clients in achieving success in any market, whether it be market planning, brand awareness, or crisis public relations.

Our team members possess industry-leading expertise and experience, providing a solid foundation for the success of the TSA project. We are committed to continuously striving and innovating to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, supporting them in achieving success in every market they participate in.

Our Vision

Building an innovative platform to lead the future of investment, TSA limits participants to 1% and pursues financial freedom by building a strong community. The future is changing, and we are part of it. Our vision and goals are clear. Make your dream come true with TSA.

Our Mission

Through innovative investment market solutions and differentiated services, we aim to foster investor success while striving to positively impact people’s lives through education and technology adoption, building a global, inclusive, and participatory blockchain investor community.


Our project will gradually grow from the initial planning to the full-scale service launch, expansion, and entry into the global market. To achieve this, we have planned the following roadmap

The project will secure a monopolistic position and strengthen its competitiveness in the global market. We will pursue ongoing growth and provide value to investors and customers. Additionally, the project will actively adopt innovative ideas and technologies to continuously improve its services. Through this, we will gain a high level of brand recognition in the global market and provide better services to our customers.

– Develop and launch services that are superior to domestic and foreign competitors
– Enhance market competitiveness through improvements and innovations to existing services
– Secure market dominance through M&A activities
– Ongoing service improvements and innovation support
– Establish a global brand and develop marketing strategies

– TSA 3HUB global localization and offline expansion
– Ensure profitability and expansion of local corporations in each country
– Plan and proceed to secure a monopolistic position by 2025
– Establishment and expansion of global franchise centers
– Marketing and promotion for global market entry

– Core team formation and recruitment
– Expert team expansion and capability enhancement
– Preparation and attraction of VC investment
– Initial user acquisition through community building
– Strategic partnership and collaboration

– Establish project direction through market analysis
– Service planning and design work
– Technology implementation and testing
– Project announcement and community building
– Token economics creation and issuance

The future is changing, and we are a part of it.

Our vision and goals are clear.
Make your dream come true with TSA.

Our partners

Seeking Partners and Collaborators

TSA Land project is always on the lookout for outstanding partners and collaborators. If you are an individual or a company interested in
collaborating with us or becoming a partner to contribute to the growth and success of the project, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Together, we can share our skills, expertise, and passion to achieve greater success.

Please feel free to contact us using the information below
Email: contact@tsa.land

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