Project Summary

ANGEL HUB : An investment platform that creates new liquidity for illiquid assets through the introduction of blockchain technology. This platform can activate the secondary trading market for small investments, creating a virtuous cycle of “fair and transparent” funding that promotes new connections between startups and investors and provides new investment opportunities for small investors.

SHARED HUB : A solution to the social isolation and decreased quality of life that investors face due to remote work becoming commonplace. We provide a new investment environment (investment office, investment cafe) and education to create a new investment culture.

TREND HUB : A source of quality investment information through specialized magazine services to enable fair investment opportunities. This platform aims to address information imbalance, which is a factor that hinders fair investment.


Liquidity Risk

One of the biggest issues facing entrepreneurs and investors is liquidity risk. Liquidity risk means the difficulty of converting an investment into cash without significant loss of value. A startup that has not yet been acquired or listed can be particularly difficult to sell or find a buyer, resulting in significant losses for investors. Similarly, existing investors may be hesitant to provide additional funding to entrepreneurs who need additional investment in their business. This lack of liquidity can destabilize asset prices, especially during periods of market stress or uncertainty, further reducing investment and exacerbating liquidity problems. 

Social isolation and information imbalance

Working from home has become a routine for many full-time investors, leading to social isolation and difficulty focusing on investments. Investors also lack access to critical information, leaving them vulnerable to informed traders and missing out on investment opportunities.


Paradigm shift and competitiveness of 3HUB, which is attracting attention as an investment option

ANGEL HUB offers a stable web3 investment platform that enables investors to convert illiquid investments into cash without significant losses. By using blockchain technology, transparency and fairness in trading illiquid assets are ensured, while the activation of secondary markets allows small investors to participate in previously inaccessible investment opportunities.
Advantages of blockchain technology : Small-cap diversified investment / Low transaction cost / Access to a wide range of investors / Various investment options / Transparency and reliability

SHARED HUB provides a specialized investment environment that promotes collaboration and discussion between independent investment spaces and investors. This helps to address the environmental and social isolation problems caused by telecommuting, and improve the quality of life for investors. Additionally, by offering a shared workspace or investment club, investors can leverage each other’s insights and expertise to make better investment decisions

TREND HUB provides investors with access to quality investment information, reducing information asymmetry that can lead to missed investment opportunities. By providing professional magazine services, investors can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and opportunities in the investment market, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

Therefore, 3HUB provides a unique web3 investment platform that addresses the problems of liquidity risk, social isolation, and information imbalance. By offering a more equitable investment environment, 3HUB becomes a competitive investment option that benefits entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Furthermore, TSA 3HUB’s competitiveness in entering the same market is that it lowers barriers to market entry by offering an alternative to new investments that induce mutual synergy rather than competition with the private investment market.



WEB3 Investment Platform

AngelHub provides small investors access to investment opportunities previously only available to large investors by allowing anyone to invest in a small portion of large assets. This is an alternative that promotes a broader and more stable investment market by addressing the fairness of the investment market and the illiquidity of the existing market.

We connect founders who dream of becoming unicorns of the future with investors who want to create unicorns

New Secondary Market

We build a user-friendly investment platform that complies with regulatory requirements to provide new liquidity to illiquid assets in the private investment market, increasing circulation of funds and stimulating more investment.

Our platform offers new solutions to traditional investment markets with the following benefits:

1. Low Transaction Costs: Blockchain technology significantly reduces transaction costs compared to traditional investment platforms.

2. Accessibility for a Wide Range of Investors: The platform provides investment opportunities through NFTs, granting greater access to a broader range of investors, including those who previously lacked access to existing investment opportunities.

3. More Investment Options: The platform leverages the flexibility of NFTs to provide a broader range of investment options than traditional investment platforms.

4. Reliability and Trust: Using blockchain technology, the platform provides investors with improved reliability and trust as all transactions are recorded in a transparent and verifiable ledger.

NFT Fragment Investment

AngelHub introduced the concept of NFT fragmentation, creating joint ownership of investment contracts in a new and authentic way.

AngelHub is establishing a new investment market by creating, sharing, trading, selling, and collecting NFTs.

This allows investment contracts in traditional financial markets to be split into more NFTs at a lower price through blockchain technology. As a result, anyone can own a variety of investment certificates with limited funds and at a much more reasonable price range.

Furthermore, it breaks down barriers to investment through blockchain and enables quick fundraising through connections with investors around the world.

In addition, blockchain technology enables us to break down investment barriers and swiftly raise funds through global connections with investors. This allows us to expand the investment market to a wide range of business items, including real estate, art, startups and small businesses, and intellectual property rights.


To protect the process of Angel Hub, only the basic concept is disclosed until the platform is opened.


Create and register issuer campaign ( *NFT )
* All types of campaigns can be registered except illegal and socially controversial campaigns.


The platform mediates registered campaigns to investors


Once the campaign connects with the first investor The platform executes the investment.


Campaign NFTs can be resale through all NFT marketplaces, including Angel Hub.


When the campaign ends, the issuer provides a reward and Final NFT investors claim and receive rewards on the platform.


Education and environment creation to spread the right investment culture

A professional investment space and proper investment education are essential for success. 

TSA operates a specialized trading room for professional investors and conducts training to promote a proper investment culture.
We share information with numerous investors and focus on investment in an optimized space.

Shared Hub ( Trading room )

TSA’s Trading Room will be a specialized community space for full-time investors.

Coworking helps avoid the social isolation that full-time investors may experience.
It also removes distractions from your home office so you can focus on your investments.
Coworking isn’t just about providing a physical place, it’s about building a community.

TSA Shared Hub – Academy

An unprepared investment is nothing but speculation.

Professional education for professional investors
Towards the top 1% of investment! Step by step from the basics to the core of the stock

TSA Shared Hub – Office Type

Membership-based investment space for professional investors who want an independent investment office

TSA Shared Hub – Café type

Open investment space for investors who want a comfortable and free atmosphere


Investment Trend Research Institute for quick investment information

When it comes to investing, information is the most important factor in making investment decisions.
In an ever-changing market For the continued growth and successful investment of investors Finding new investment trends is a must, not an option.

Trend Hub’s investment trend research center provides quality investment information through its magazine service, contributing to the formation and spread of the investor community, and maximizing profitability and growth through mutual synergy between Angel Hub and Shared Hub.

In addition, we support the growth of the project by supporting the marketing of the project launched through the Angel Hub.
Another task of TrentHub is the research and development of TSA’s future services.


Creating your ideas into reality

For successful investment, you must constantly read trends and find investment ideas.
We have launched crypto magazines and stock magazines through Trend Hub’s investment trend research institute, and are preparing a premium trend magazine.
Like this, we generate tons of ideas to read trends.
This is just the beginning and TrendHub will launch a P2E game exclusively for token holders to share profits with investors.

Crypto Magazine
Crypto Magazine

The latest news on blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Stock Magazine
Stock Magazine

The latest news on the comprehensive economy


Please look forward to it. Trend Hub’s upcoming project

Premium Trend Magazine (Membership – Paid)
Launchpad P2E Game / Treasure hunt
ANGEL HUB NFT Marketplace 

TSA Tokenomics Growing with Investors

For the sustainability of the project, we maximize the sustainability of the ANGEL HUB project by generating stable profits through TRAND HUB and SHRAD HUB.

The TSA Foundation also shares its profits with investors.
Example: Direct profit sharing through token holder-only P2E games (Treasure hunt), etc.

TSA’s success is investors’ success.

Composition and Proportion of Tokens

TSA GENERATE Token Operation

– Strengthen mutual security through offline revenue and cryptocurrency revenue sharing to stabilize prices and maintain continuous price rise.
– All Token/NFT transfers and transactions are subject to 3% tax. It is continuously used for events and marketing for the development of TSA.

TSA’s TREND/SHARED/ANGEL HUB offline service makes project more powerful.
Unlike general cryptocurrency projects, we lowered the risk of investing in cryptocurrency by lowering the project’s dependence on the cryptocurrency market based on offline-based revenue.
All revenue from TREND/SHARED/ANGEL HUB will be consolidated and redistributed to the TSA Foundation.

10% issued as FUNDING NFT can be exchanged for tokens at any time upon request of the buyer, and the liquidity ratio increases by the amount of exchanged tokens.
If all issued FUNDING NFTs are exchanged for tokens, the liquidity rate will be 60%.

※ As issued NFTs are converted into tokens, the number of NFTs decreases and the profits of NFT holders increase accordingly.
( NFTs have a maximum issue amount, so the more they are converted into tokens and burned, the higher their rarity )


$TSAG : 4,000,000,000


It is used for building and marketing excellent team members /partners for TSA’s continuous growth, and accelerates TSA’s growth with ANGEL HUB INVESTMENT.

In addition, the issuance of a certain amount of tokens that can affect the token price is paid after being locked for at least two year to keep the token price stable.


10% ⇢

$TSAG : 1,000,000,000


TSA provide individual investors with the opportunity to participate in TSA as angel partners through NFT funding, and the issued NFT is immediately used as a corporate development fund.

In addition, different characteristics (values) are given to each issued NFT, and if business expansion or other funds are needed, it is issued within 10% of the total issued coins.


50% +

$TSAG : 5,000,000,000


You can trade freely through the listing on the exchange.

It also has abundant liquidity that keeps prices stable.


A FUNDING NFT issued with the motif of an explorer representing TSA


We do not do token sales.

Low-priced tokens issued through pre-sale become an element of price dumping upon listing.
We do not want speculation aimed at simple capital gains.
However, true investors in the TSA project are rewarded just as much.

Only 10% of TSA’s funding NFTs are issued.

※ Issued NFTs are largely of two types.

1. Staking NFT
2. Investor NFT ( Megatron )

BUY Funding NFT

Staking NFTs

Basic benefit

– Confirmed APY payment (APY ratio is indicated separately on the issued NFT) / 5-year extension possible (automatic extension if token conversion is not requested)
– Interest is sent to your wallet on January 5 every year
– NFT trading available in the secondary market


– At the end of the final contract, the corresponding NFT is incinerated along with coin payment
– 3 staking-only NFTs can be converted into 1 Megatron

Investor NFT ( Megatron )

Basic benefit

– Confirmed APY payment (APY rate is separately indicated on the issued NFT) / (A total of 5 payments for 5 years from the date of issuance)
– Interest is sent to your wallet on January 5 every year
– NFT trading available in the secondary market
– Contract terminated at any time (coin conversion possible) * Upon request for coin payment, the corresponding NFT will be incinerated


– 10% dividend of TSA profits (dividend is paid according to Megatron investment ratio) / Dividend continues during the holding period
– When TSA stock is issued, Megatron is converted into stock (evaluated based on the market price at the time of stock issuance), and the corresponding NFT is incinerated.

Our Vision

TSA Aims for 1 Billion Blockchain Investor Community/Financial Freedom.

The future is changing and we are a part of it.
Our vision and goals are clear.
Make your dream come true with TSA

Our Mission

We strive to positively impact people’s lives through education and application of technology, and we begin to build a global, inclusive, participatory blockchain, community of investors.

The future is changing and
we are a part of it

Our vision and goals are clear.
Make your dream come true with TSA

Our partners

If you are interested in partnering with TSA, please contact us.
Contact : support@tsa.land


– Establishment of Global Franchise Center
– Country Center Expansion

– TSA All Project Global Localization and Offline Expansion
– Securing profitability of local corporations in each country

– Expansion of market size with service offline/metabus
– Formation of strategic partners
– Localization of some projects such as Shared Hub / Angel Hub, etc. Expansion to offline

– Project planning confirmed and released
– Core team composition
– Community composition
– Service phase release
– Generate tokenomics
– Attracting VC funding

The TSA roadmap consisted of 4 stages from Lv 1 to 4.

Our roadmap progresses sequentially, but depending on the situation, it may proceed simultaneously and in parallel, and the order of detailed schedules may change.
If there is an optimal path to reach the final roadmap, we will proceed flexibly.
In addition, detailed progress and news according to the roadmap will be communicated with the community through frequent announcements.

Core team members leading the TSA


Welcome to TSA. Land! Our team is made up of three talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, bringing together a unique set of skills and experiences to provide you with top-quality service.

Our CEO, Minhoe Kim, is from Korea and has a diverse range of skills and experiences that make him a valuable asset to our team. In addition to his strong background in graphic design and his previous work for Samsung and LG Group, Minhoe is also an expert in IT and has a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency industry. He has created a cryptocurrency online magazine by himself, demonstrating his expertise in this field. With his skills and knowledge, Minhoe leads our team with a focus on creativity, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Daniel, our Marketing Director is from Japan, has extensive experience in marketing for Web 3.0 projects, having worked on multiple projects backed by leading VCs such as Animoca Brands, Yuga Labs, Tenset, and more. As the co-founder of BackdoorJP, a marketing agency for Japanese and Asian markets, Daniel specializes in marketing for these regions. He is also an active ambassador and moderator for ongoing projects such as CleanCarbon, Altavagroup, and Yu-Gi-Yn.

Yuli Chang, our External Relation Director is from Taiwan and has nearly 10 years of experience in project management and process improvement. She has worked in Taiwan/ Europe and mainland China, specializing in media relations and crisis public relations. With her keen attention to detail and excellent organizational skills, ensures that our team runs smoothly and efficiently. has collaborated with international brands to establish brand recognition and cooperation between cross-meta brands, bringing a wealth of experience to our team.

At TSA Land, we believe that our experience working in the Asian market can benefit clients not only in Asia but also in other regions, such as Europe. The Asian work context is characterized by its fast-paced, competitive, and innovative nature, which we believe can drive success in any market. Our team members come from different parts of Asia, including Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and mainland China, and our diverse backgrounds and expertise enable us to inject effective strength into our team. Whether it’s market planning, brand recognition, or crisis public relations, we have the skills and experience to help clients succeed in any market.

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